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But… the hook really is pretty easy to cure. Try this sequence of corrections, and most likely the hook will be fixed in no time. Your goal in correcting a hook is to swing from outside to in.1) Weaken your Grip – You could be playing with a grip that is too strong. You’ll want to simply rotate – http://www.exeideas.com/?s=simply%20rotate both hands around the grip and asics canada price – https://www.onitsukatigercanada.top towards the target. This will make it much harder for the clubface to naturally close through the impact zone. Don’t over do it, asics canada online – https://www.onitsukatigercanada.top and like everything else, testing is crucial. Make sure to test this, before moving on, unless you are positive that you already play with a weak grip. 2) Move the ball forward in your stance – It is common of players that slice the ball to play the ball forward in their stance. So copy them. If you hook, the result should be a relatively straight ball. (Side Note: Whether you hook or slice, your first goal should be to learn to do the opposite.) Moving the ball forward in your stance should get some things back on track. 3) Aim to theleft (to the right if left handed) of the target – Start out with an open stance to the target. This will put that clockwise rotation on the ball that you are looking for. Just open your stance a little bit, and swing along the line of your shoulders. 4) Make sure that you are finishing with your weight on your forward foot – This is the single best solution for the hook. If you hook the ball, chances are that you finish with some of your weight still on your back foot. This causes you to come around the ball with a closed clubface. This is the number one cause of the deadly snap-hook. Finish with all of your weight forward, and you’ll never experience it. Article – http://rt.com/search/everywhere/term/Article/ Tags: Ball Forward


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